Can You Believe Both Passengers Made it out Alive from this Horrific Ferrari F430 Crash?

A fairly new Ferrari F430 was cut in half and burned to the ground in a shocking accident that took place earlier today in a suburb of Athens, Greece. If you take a look at what is left from the grey-colored Italian supercar, you'd be hard pressed to believe that anyone made it out alive from the accident.

Yet from some sort of miracle, coincidence or perhaps divine intervention, both the driver and passenger were saved – though they did suffer some injuries.

A report from local news site Vimaonline, said that the man driving the Ferrari and whom we see injured in the video, is ship owner I. Leontiadis.

Eyewitnesses said that Leontiadis was driving too fast for the conditions of the wet road in Vouliagmeni and at some point lost control of the F430 smashing into a tree on the median. The crash was so severe that the Ferrari broke in two.

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