Romanian Team Dreams up a 6-Seater Modular Hybrid Concept Called SCI hyMod

We have a long way to go before the world adopts electric vehicles as the primary mode of transportation - if it does, that is, as we may see different technologies taking over down the road, but for now, both the industry and governments around the globe are making moves to promote their use with the masses.

And while mainstream consumers remain hesitant to accept electric vehicles, many people believe that they could at least provide a viable solution in certain segments.

A team from Romania consisting of automotive journalist Dan Scarlat, designer Marian Cilibeanu and engineer Cristian Ionescu, came up with an idea to create a modular hybrid concept vehicle called the SCI hyMod.

In theory, the vehicle would allow the driver to choose between two different propulsion systems, depending on his or her needs.

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