Chuck Norris Approved: Motorcyclist Hops Back on Seat, Saves his Life

Of all the "Chuck Norris Approved" videos that we've shown you over time, this one definitely takes the cake. The accident, which involves a small hatchback crashing into a motorcycle, took place on a busy highway in Bangalore, India on November 21.

Upon a first look at the security camera footage, it seems that the rider was simply incredibly lucky for making it out alive when the driver of a white hatchback steered to the right of the road hitting his motorcycle.

However, once you slow down the clip (or hit pause and play constantly), you will see that the alert motorcyclist moves towards the back of the bike just before the crash escaping the worse. The careless driver of the car did not stop to see the outcome of the accident he caused. Watch the entire clip after the break.

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